Long Distance Movers – What to Look For When Hiring One

A move is generally considered long distance when you move from one state border to another, or across the country to a new location. However, this also includes traveling to another town within your own state but only crossing your own state border temporarily because the chosen route is predicted to be much shorter than alternative routes (this more often happens in rural areas with more naturally uneven state borders.) Sometimes, however, we need to relocate to a place that’s not on our original migration route. In these cases, we may need to hire Long Distance Movers to help us relocate. There are a few things to consider when hiring movers, and here are some questions to ask to ensure the experience is a good one for everyone.

* How long have the local movers been in business? It’s best to get references and experience before deciding on a long-distance movers company. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and look at the company’s website to read about their track record. If a company has been in business for several years, that’s a safe bet that they’re experienced and reliable.

* What is the average cost of a long-distance move? You can’t expect to move across the country for just any amount of money, so it’s important to get an idea of the typical cost of a long-distance move. Calculate how much you’ll save by using a moving company. Ask your local movers, how much it will cost to transport goods from your home to their depot, and base this figure on fuel costs and other factors.

* Do they specialize? Ask the local movers what they offer specifically for long-distance moves. Find out if they can help with interstate moves, and if not, how they can be customized to fit your needs. Are there any special permits or licensing requirements necessary? Are there special regulations such as needing to have your home or condo unit de-cluttered prior to the move?

* Do they use Freight Forwarders? Local movers may only have direct access to the trucks used to transport your belongings; they won’t know anything about the freight forwarders that they may use. Freight forwarders are the professionals who handle all the logistics involved in moving your belongings across state lines. Find out which companies utilize the services of freight forwarders, and if they are affordable.

* What is the moving team’s schedule? Is the schedule free for the duration of the move, or does it require a deposit? Find out what time slots are available during the week, and which ones are off-limits. Some long-distance movers will charge a deposit before they will start the process. Others will give you a few day’s notice before they begin moving things, so you can be prepared in advance.

* How much does a long-distance move cost? You should consider this factor before you even meet with a moving company. Inquire about their rates before you make any commitments. You can usually get a quote over the phone, or online through their website. Make sure that the rate quoted is accurate, and then compare it to other moving companies that are similar to the ones you are considering.

In short, getting the right long-distance movers is important. This is why many people prefer to use an Omaha, Nebraska moving company. They will be able to handle every aspect of your move quickly, efficiently, and professionally, and keep you safe from unanticipated costs. Omaha moving companies understand customer service and will treat you right!