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Moving is quite a challenging task and becomes even more complicated when you have heavy items. If you have a piano that you need to move, this is not an easy task and it will require a lot of planning and expertise. We are experienced piano movers Austin TX and we can help you with the moving of your piano. Using the best and the safest techniques, we will transport your piano to the desired location. Moving a piano is a task that should be left to experienced and licensed professionals.

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We are a full-service piano moving company and we can relieve you of the stress of moving your priceless piano. With our experience in all moving services, we have a specialty in moving a piano in a safe manner. If you have a piano that you would want to move to a new location, we are here to serve your needs. Moving entails a lot of planning and logistics for it to be successful. Our goal is to give you the best service and ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Over the years, we have helped so many residential and commercial clients with piano moving services. If you are in need of a piano mover near you, we are ready to give you a free quote. Whether the piano needs to be moved from one room to another or across the country, we are here to serve your needs. Contact us today and allow us to move your piano at a reasonable cost.


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Pianos are valuable possessions and they are quite heavy and delicate, at the same time. Whether you have a concert, grand, or baby grand piano, you will need to be careful. When you come across companies that promise to offer cheap piano moving services, you should be careful. You may end up getting your piano damaged in the process. Always look for a company that understands the details of moving a piano. Our highly-trained and experienced professionals will disassemble your piano safely before transporting it.

As a local company, we are ready to offer prompt services at affordable rates. By disassembling the piano, it becomes easier to carry it in pieces. Our crews will load the piano to our trucks and transport it safely. We will handle every part with care and once we unload it, we will assemble it back in its new position. Whether you are moving the piano within Austin or want interstate piano movers, we are here for you. Trust us to move any type of piano safely without getting it damaged.

We are also proud to be the best long-distance movers in Texas. As such, if you have a piano that needs to be moved across the country, we’ve got your back. Cross country piano moving is different from other types of moving services. We are licensed movers, with permits to move across states. As such, you can trust us to move your piano and all its accessories without any problem. Our movers are equipped with the right equipment and tools to make the work easier. We have specialized tools for the disassembly of your piano for easier packing and loading. Your piano will be secured while in transit and we will see to it that it gets to its destination safely.

Piano Storage Services

There are times when you may have to relocate abruptly and may want to leave the piano behind. We have piano storage services in Austin and you can choose the type of storage that you need. This gives you enough time to plan for the relocation of your piano once you are settled in your new home. Our warehouses are safe and climate-controlled, which makes them ideal environments for the storage of your piano.


When you choose our piano storage services, you can be sure that it will be in a safe environment. We will take care of the piano as our own and when you need to pick it up, it will be as good as you left you. Allow us to make your moving easier by helping you with our storage services. Once you are ready to complete the relocation process, we will be glad to help you move the piano.


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