Piano Movers Needed After All

Although lowering moving costs seems like a great idea, sometimes a DIY move can cost you more than if you had hired piano movers. Depending on the type and make of your instrument, upright pianos tend to wait for over 1000 pounds. That’s really heavy. So, unless you’re just moving your grand piano home from a friend’s house or from a school to your place of business, you’ll probably need to hire professional movers. However, you’ll come to understand that hiring piano movers isn’t only a wise decision in the end; it’s an investment well made.

Uncomplicated moves like this can be extremely time consuming and exhausting. Moving an upright piano (or any other antique or awkward shape) requires a whole lot of packing. It also means taking your instrument in and out of awkward shapes. A lot of this stuff is permanently mounted under your car’s rear seat. You can’t do much about it, but you can certainly help minimize the impact by storing your stuff securely and carefully.

The problem with moving your piano by yourself is that if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s going to take you a lot longer than anticipated. You may get better at it in time, but you’ll probably end up with broken or damaged items or even injuries. If you’re worried about injuries, hiring a professional piano mover saves you a lot of stress. Musicians who have had to move their instruments have said that it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience, but with professional movers, all your worries are gone!

A lot of upright pianos are in fairly good condition, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still need care. An upright piano consists of two pieces: the body (which contains the hammers and other hardware) and the “seat” (which holds the strings and other elements of the body). Usually, you can put an old blanket or heavy blanket in the “seat” to help keep it from getting scratched or dented. Some instruments, such as the grand piano, are so large that they require special transportation equipment. In addition to blankets and other equipment, you might need additional dollies and cradles to help the instrument from floor to floor. There are companies that specialize in moving upright pianos, so check into their rates.

When moving an upright piano, it’s important to know that this is not a simple task. This instrument is very heavy and if you’re not accustomed to moving heavy objects, it’s likely that you will damage your instrument. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire piano movers for the job. They will be able to lift the instrument safely and bring it into your new home.

Upright pianos are especially tricky to move. The weight of the keys makes them unstable and any movement could pose a risk to the user. It’s even more difficult if the piano has an awkward shape. Pianos with a keyboard that is too long can also present a problem. If you have an upright piano that fits in a corner of your room or one that is considered too long to fit through most doorways, it’s recommended that you move it before Christmas.

Even if your piano looks like it’s ready to go when you put it on the cart, don’t count on it. It takes a lot of effort and know-how for professionals to move pianos of any kind successfully. Make sure you get several estimates before you choose professional piano moving services. The cost of moving Upright pianos is usually fairly expensive, but the cost of moving grand pianos–the largest ones–could be even higher. Check out the prices for the various services that you’re planning to use in order to get a clear picture of what kind of service you’ll need to pay.

If you don’t have a piano, don’t despair. There are still some alternatives to using movers. For one, there are a lot of older people who would rather play spinets than use full-size furniture. A moving company can take care of moving the old furniture; then you just bring it all back. It can save a considerable amount of money.